Welcome to the Grundy County Museum

Stepping through the doors is a step back in time.

The Museum houses a large collection of letters, uniforms, weapons, toys, tools, machinery, equipment, photographs, furniture, and information about the lives of our county's leaders/citizens and their accomplishments and challenges.

Immerse yourself in the technology of our past and imagine your life in one of the "time capsule" rooms. It was a different time...you'll see.

"The things that are common to me, because I grew up with them, are new to our youngsters. I had no idea the Baker School one-room schoolhouse would be such a hit. That's why we must preserve our memories and history for our grandchildren and future generations."
Dewayne Marlay, former Board President

Main Building

1100 Mabel St, Trenton, MO 64683

The Grundy County Museum is composed of three physical facilities, the Main Building, the Baker School Building, and the Annex Building. All the Museum buildings are in close proximity and face Tinsman Avenue. 

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